Gate A29, CPH

Gate A29, CPH, oh, how I appreciate ye.

Copenhagen airport is one of my favorite airports – there are many obvious reasons:

1. It has great direct flights to the US, and a direct flight to our little local airport in Lithuania.
2. It has a lot of things to explore inside security – there’s a whole upscale mall, lots of food options, and lots of seating room. Good wifi, too.
3. It feels very clean and usable. No pushy sales people, nothing overly aggressive. My fellow travelers are also nice a quiet, generally.

But, my favorite thing about Copenhagen airport is the seating area near gate A29. I highly recommend you check it out, if you’re there.

CPH used to have an old Terminal, Terminal 1, which was connected to the current Terminals (2 and 3) with a big indoor walking path. Terminal 1 closed, but the walking path is still open, and there are a few gates at the Terminal 1 end for what looks like charter flights and small aircraft. No one goes to this end of the walking path – there’s few flights out of there, and no exit to outside, so it gets no traffic. Yet, it’s a beautiful seating area, with comfy chairs, carpet, power outlets, clean bathrooms, and a few kinds of tables. Quiet, empty, comfortable – an introvert’s dream airport.

So, if you’ve got a few hours to kill in the Copenhagen airport, and are looking for a spot to chill, I can highly recommend the seating near gate A29.