Podcast recommendation: Jim Collins @ Tim Ferriss

I’ll make a post at some point about the podcasts I listen too, and why I prefer those podcasts. But, before that, I have a recommendation for an episode:

Jim Collins on the Tim Ferriss podcast

(transcript here)

I don’t listen to all of Tim Ferriss’s episodes – maybe 1 in 10 at this point – but I’ve been interested in the work that Tim has been doing for about a decade at this point. He has the ability to get guests to open up on the podcast and talk about things they don’t normally talk about, which is why I enjoy it.

This episode with Jim Collins was excellent. I really liked the description of how Jim structures his time, and how he described his relationship with Peter Drucker and Drucker’s overarching philosophy.

It’s worth a listen, if you’re into podcasts.

(I also found the recent episode with Susan Cain good, although a little more broad and author/writing career focused.)