is available.

I was looking through domain name options, as you do occasionally, and typed in reddit, to see what was available.  It turns out that a) .church is an available domain ending (TLD), and b) is available.

I have no idea what you’d do with it, but .church just sounds like a domain ending for cult-like communities of people. I guess you’d put some kind of meetup site on it, or some kind of fan club forum, or similar.

(I did look, and someone already has, so sorry if you wanted that one.)

Of course, there are trademark issues here; reddit could take the domain name from you if they wanted to, so you’re probably better off with a domain name that doesn’t have reddit in it for your fans-of-reddit-or-something website.

Anyways, I thought it very interesting that .church is an available TLD these days, and figured someone else might be interested. I’m already seeing the viral marketing campaigns for the Church of Poptarts in my head 🙂