On blog publication frequency

I’ve long resisted publishing regularly on this blog. I want each post to be good, and this has kept me from posting often.

Of course, others note the importance of regularly publishing. Seth Godin has noted that the daily blog post is crucial, from his perspective, for defining your voice and getting lots of ideas out there. He notes that most posts will not be perfect, nothing that he has published about “8 perfect blog posts out of thousands” (from his most recent Tim Ferriss podcast episode).

However, I’ve still been hesitant.

I recently was thinking about Stratechery, which is a business strategy membership subscription. I pay for this subscription and find it valuable. However, looking back, I don’t think I get value from a majority of his posts. Most of the value comes from a few key ‘daily updates’ that made me change how I think.

After thinking about that, I realized that this blog is the same – every post doesn’t need to provide value for the overall habit and overall blog to have substantial value for readers.

So, screw it! Here’s another post, as an attempt to regularly publish my thoughts and (hopefully) occasionally provide value to you – even when most of them aren’t perfect!