ePortfolio from a student perspective

Over the past semester, I’ve been part of a committee at LCC which was looking at ePortfolios and how we might implement them as a university. I’ll have another post at some point, probably, about the university/instructor perspective, but here are some thoughts from the student perspective:

  1. Some kind of online presence is helpful when applying for jobs post-graduation, as well as for summer work opportunities.
  2. Employers are (generally) looking for students to show past work/projects, not just have a degree or have a bullet point on the CV.
  3. ePortfolios ought to be different for different industries/fields. A media communication major wants a different ePortfolio structure than a business or theology major.
  4. ePortfolios (from a student perspective) should be about future career and job hunting.
  5. Having strong university branding (including the domain/URL) isn’t a positive feature.
  6. University-provided tools for ePortfolio would probably not be as easy to use as existing free website building tools; the student would prefer a ‘drag-and-drop’ site builder tool, like Wix, as it requires less training and allows for more customization.