Idea: “Shut up and eat” food show

I was watching an episode of a food show on YouTube – I think it was something from Bon Appetit – and there was an offhand comment about the possibility of a show called “shut up and eat”. It didn’t have any context or followup, but I thought it was interesting.

Specifically, it’d be a non-verbal food tasting/review show. No words, no sounds, potentially. Hand gestures, facial expressions, etc.

Obviously, it’s more restrictive than a normal tasting show, like Eat the Menu. However, I think those constraints – no words, no sounds – make the show interesting. It certainly wouldn’t be a show that had mainstream appeal; but it might be a show that would have 1000 true fans.

I have no plans to develop this at this point, but I thought it was interesting enough to offer to you. If you want to run with it, go for it and let me know!