On watching disc golf online

I’ve recently discovered that there are people who film the pro disc golf events, edit them together nicely, and upload to YouTube with professional commentary. It’s very enjoyable.

I grew up watching golf (actual golf, not disc golf) on lazy Sunday afternoons at home. I wasn’t the biggest fan – not enough action for teenage me – but Dad liked it, so I watched sometimes. There were definitely afternoon naps involved too.

At Taylor, I played a lot of disc golf and ultimate frisbee. It was definitely ‘my sport’, and there were lots of opportunities to play. Here in Lithuania, it’s not really a thing – I get to play ultimate about once a year, but that’s it.

So, disc golf on YouTube with commentary combines both of these things: nostalgia for lazy Sunday afternoons, and my nostalgia for my days playing disc sports at university.

It also helps that it’s excellently-produced. A full round is about 60-90 minutes, all with commentary, nice drone-flight overviews of each hole, scoring graphics, etc.

One piece that’s very interesting to me, as a media person, is that it’s not produced by a major TV network – not big enough, I’d guess. And the disc golf events don’t have a single media production house they work with and exclude everyone else. Instead, there are several different channels that go to many tournaments and film, and produce very similar videos, but with slightly-different footage, graphics, and commentary.

JomezPro appears to be the largest of these, and puts together some excellent videos. You can find their channel here. If you grew up watching traditional golf, but also enjoy disc golf, I’d encourage you to give it a watch!