On Send to Kindle

I wasn’t familiar with Send to Kindle until recently, and it’s really handy. You email a PDF or e-book file and it puts the file on your Kindle for you. You can also send it a PDF with the subject line ‘Convert’ and it will attempt to adapt it so that it’s in Kindle format, and will fit the Kindle font settings.

We recently traveled for a week without our laptops; only phones+Kindle. I knew I would want to do a bunch of reading, including journal articles, books I can’t get on Kindle, etc; Send to Kindle worked great for all of them. I could read all week without needing my laptop.

Now that I’ve done that; I’m finding myself a bit of a Send to Kindle addict; instead of reading an article on my computer, as I would do in the past, I find myself sending-to-Kindle and reading it there. It’s a nice break for my eyes, instead of continuing to stare at the same laptop screen.

It also works with the Kindle app installed on your phone or computer – I could email a file to the Kindle app on my phone, for example. I’m not sure there are as many use cases for that, compared to the physical Kindle reading experience, but it’s nice that it’s possible.

If you have a physical Kindle, and do a lot of journal/book reading on your computer; consider trying Send to Kindle and reading it there – it worked great for me.