On Pizza Trackers

Recently, there was an article where someone tried to verify the Domino’s Pizza Tracker to see how accurate it was. It’s a fun read on it’s own; the TL;DR is that the tracker is a lie, and updates based purely on the expected amount of time a task should take, not the actual time in any way.

In Klaipeda, we have a chain called Dodo Pizza, which also does online ordering and delivery; it’s definitely the most Dominos-like pizza; although maybe closer to Papa Johns. Klaipeda expats can argue about these kinds of things.

What makes Dodo Pizza really interesting to me is that they also have a pizza tracker on the website, but it is accurate. And, it proves it by including a webcam of the store actually making the pizzas. You can see the pizza-making counter and the oven in the webcam, and the employees who are now famous-movie-stars.

There’s also a list on the right side which shows where your order is, relative to other orders that have been placed; I can see what kind/type of pizzas are also being made, although there isn’t personal information attached to them – only an order number.

I find the Dodo Pizza pizza itself ok; very nostalgic of my college days, but not gourmet. However, they’re definitely not lying about their pizza tracker.