On Websites as a Commodity

I’ve written about this before, but I was recently listening to an episode of the ZigZag podcast and it re-connected, so I thought I’d mention it again. The episode was an interview with the CEO of Mailchimp, who talked about bootstrapping his business and other related topics. I found it interesting when he was talking about growing Mailchimp.

Specifically, he talked about how Part 1 of their plan was email newsletters, and now they’re working on Part 2, which is expanding to other online services for small businesses, like being able to build a website through Mailchimp. Very interesting, and a strong sign that most websites for small business and individuals are a commodity now. You have a plethora of low-cost or no-cost options, many of which are actually well-designed and setup for small businesses.

There are not many reasons where you, as a small business, should use something other than one of these tools. Pick one that’s well-supported and has a good track record, and do-it-yourself!