.whatever registry? Idea: also get whatever.com

I was working at WordPress.com when Automattic, the parent company behind WordPress.com, launched the .blog TLD. (For the non-technical, that means that they were the owners and operators of whatever.blog, seths.blog, tim.blog, etc.) One thing I often wished was true (but isn’t), is that Automattic would also own blog.com, and then automatically create whatever.blog.com and… Continue reading .whatever registry? Idea: also get whatever.com

Gate A29, CPH

Gate A29, CPH, oh, how I appreciate ye. Copenhagen airport is one of my favorite airports – there are many obvious reasons: 1. It has great direct flights to the US, and a direct flight to our little local airport in Lithuania. 2. It has a lot of things to explore inside security – there’s… Continue reading Gate A29, CPH

Requirements Definition: Programming edition

I really enjoyed this post from DHH at Basecamp. He’s talking about how Ruby on Rails is more implicit, because it’s designed for a different use case than other programming languages. His key observation is that different programming languages/frameworks are designed with different programming styles in mind. Different programming languages/frameworks are not only for different kinds… Continue reading Requirements Definition: Programming edition