Adios, CodeCademy

I’ve taught COM 302 Web Design at LCC International University for a few years now. It’s an introduction to building websites, which also discusses a lot of the related topics (marketing, usability, working with clients, etc). The course is required for all Communication majors, and many Business Administration majors take it as an elective. I… Continue reading Adios, CodeCademy

.whatever registry? Idea: also get

I was working at when Automattic, the parent company behind, launched the .blog TLD. (For the non-technical, that means that they were the owners and operators of,,, etc.) One thing I often wished was true (but isn’t), is that Automattic would also own, and then automatically create and… Continue reading .whatever registry? Idea: also get

Gate A29, CPH

Gate A29, CPH, oh, how I appreciate ye. Copenhagen airport is one of my favorite airports – there are many obvious reasons: 1. It has great direct flights to the US, and a direct flight to our little local airport in Lithuania. 2. It has a lot of things to explore inside security – there’s… Continue reading Gate A29, CPH