Requirements Definition: Programming edition

I really enjoyed this post from DHH at Basecamp. He’s talking about how Ruby on Rails is more implicit, because it’s designed for a different use case than other programming languages. His key observation is that different programming languages/frameworks are designed with different programming styles in mind. Different programming languages/frameworks are not only for different kinds… Continue reading Requirements Definition: Programming edition

Apple, the iPhone 7, and being the biggest company in the world

Apple just released the iPhone 7. Guess what, just like everyone was predicting, they removed the headphone jack. And because of removing that jack, they’ve taken quite a beating from the popular press. I could pick on any of them, but I was just reading Newsweek, so we’ll start there. The article suggest that Apple… Continue reading Apple, the iPhone 7, and being the biggest company in the world

Ode to my Fitbit

Ok, not actually an ode. I acquired a Fitbit Charge a couple of months ago, and it has changed how I think about my personal fitness and habits. Seriously. And it doesn’t do it in a nagging ‘why haven’t you walked today’ or ‘if you don’t go to sleep until 3am you’ll feel awful tomorrow’.… Continue reading Ode to my Fitbit